Urban travel photography . . . europe & north america

Urban travel photography . . . europe & north america /uploads/default/optimized/1X/5c872d4772ce595d544d2f5abbdc102f54d654ba_2_1024x640.jpeg
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Learn how Urban Travel Photography allows you to better perceive and appreciate the designed and constructed environment . . . with or without a camera! Return home with images that convey the feeling and emotion you felt when you clicked the shutter on your camera. Rick Hulbert’s Photography is informed by both the history of drawing and painting along with the sciences of human vision. As an internationally recognized award winning and published Architect, Urban Designer, and Teacher of Photography, Rick will be providing an informative visual presentation that is designed to appeal to all photographers, regardless of their level of experience and expertise. Categories include Travel, Architecture, Street


90 minute presentation, give or take, depending upon your club desires


I am available most days, especially with reasonable notice.
I am currently presenting via Zoom, but when Pandemic restrictions are lifted, in person presentations will be possible.