Unleash the Artist - Light Painting and Drawing at Night


This is an instructional and inspirational program by night photographer Jürgen Lobert to introduce photographers to light painting and light drawing at night.

Adding artificial light to photos taken at night can be done through a number of techniques. Light painting adds additional light to existing surfaces, but light drawing is one of the few techniques where a photographer can actively create unique and intriguing content, rather than simply photographing existing scenes.

The following topics are covered:

  • Introduction to light painting equipment & settings
  • Trigonometry for photographers: the exposure triangle
  • Capturing time so you can spend it on painting
  • Adding light
    • Exposure considerations and the square root paradigm
    • Angles: how geometry creates intrigue
    • Buy or do it yourself: the light painter’s toolbox
  • Light Painting: the flashlight is your paint brush
  • Light Drawing: Unleash your artistic side
  • The three secret techniques for mastering light painting and drawing.
  • Post-processing considerations
  • Resources

Throughout the presentation, Jürgen will demonstrate a number of light painting tools, show how to use them and how they look like in the many visual examples.


Unless otherwise specified, about 90 minutes, but program can be tailored to 60-120 minutes.The presentation can also be followed by an in-person photo shoot and/or an online photo critique and editing workshop.


Anytime online or in person within about 50 miles of Boston, MA, USA, or with travel reimbursement.