The Unexpected Rewards of Taking on a Long Term Photography Project

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I’m taking bookings for my newest photography talk: The Charro, and the Unexpected Rewards of a Long Term Photography Project.

The Charro has a fascinating mythology that inspired me throughout this 5 year project. I spent months, deep in Charro Country, getting to know the people, their traditions… and being taught some cool rope tricks.

This talk isn’t just about Charros though, it’s also a look at the challenges and rewards that come with taking on a long term photography project like this.

This is my second multi-year project. My previous one, The Aztecas and Storytelling for Photographers, has been booked over 250 times. In fact the feedback was so lovely, I decided to create another talk in a similar same format. A mix of narrative, behind the scenes footage, photo/process breakdowns. And a liberal sprinkling of photography philosophy…

Topics Discussed in this Talk

  • I look at the technical hurdles that come with a new project. Like learning how to correctly light horses and huge hats!
  • I walk through my process for finding concepts, models and locations.
  • I discuss how it feels to slowly shift from community “outsider” to “insider”.
  • This talk combines “behind the scenes” video footage from my shoots with sketches, location shots, test shots and final photos, to show the details of how a project like this comes together.
  • I close with the unexpected benefits I get from taking on long term projects. Because they go beyond just improved technical skills.


70 mins & 90 mins


2024 onwards. Zoom only
$120 USD / 155 CAD