Tall Tales (some of which are even true)

Tall Tales (some of which are even true) /uploads/default/original/1X/435b96ff24181f0bc6330e6d681557a0a64a7d3a.jpeg
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Stories are entertaining…and often teach a lesson.

I’ve many “stories behind the images” (some of which are even true) that entertain, but more importantly have taught me an important photographic or life lesson.

Stories such as:

  • How I took a dirty, shoeless, homeless man to a four-star restaurant and what he did when they brought him his steak.
  • Why did I have a panic attack at Auschwitz-Birkenau and what did it lead to?
  • Why did a cancer patient insist that I photograph her…in the nude?
  • What did I do after getting a negative reaction to my work at Review Santa Fe?

And others…

This is a 60 min in-person or webinar presentation.

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