Summon the Surreal - The Strange World of Infrared Photography


This is an instructional and inspirational presentation about infrared photography by New England based fine art photographer Jürgen M Lobert.

Infrared or IR photography is a fascinating niche and allows the photographer to record the unseen, a part of the light spectrum that humans can’t see. Leaves and plants, human skin, the sky and clouds and other objects reflect IR light differently than visible light, appearing in unexpected ways. This creates surreal and otherworldly photos that draw the viewer in to study what they are looking at and why the view looks so strange.

Jürgen’s presentation will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction and why we do IR

  • Equipment (cameras and filters)

  • The three photographer’s actions and six photo components that make a successful IR image

  • The six steps of processing IR images

  • Types of IR photography, including nighttime IR and infralucent clouds

  • Editing IR photos

  • Resources

The entire presentation is filled with visual examples. Jürgen will also add a live demo of a few images at the end to show the processing work flow and a few tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your IR imagery.


If not otherwise specified, about 80 minutes, but the program can be tailored to 60-100 minutes. The presentation can also be followed with an in person photo shoot and/or an online photo critique and editing workshop.


Anytime online or in person within about 50 miles of Boston, MA, USA, or with travel reimbursement.