Still Life Photography

Mark Battista, a nationally recognized Fine Art Photographer and Painter, will discuss the “Art of Still Life Photography” and share his approach for creating images that tell a story, communicate an idea, and express a mood.

Through this workshop you will be inspired to create impactful still life imagery through the use of simple tools such as natural light, single light flashes and constant light. Emphasis will be placed on how to modify light and use directional light to create drama.

Still Life can be done in a small space within your home using objects that are readily accessible. The concept of “shooting with intention” will be addressed in order for one to take control of the creative process from selecting props, arranging them in a pleasing composition, using light effectively to direct the eye through the image and create a center of interest. Strategies to tell a story and create a mood will be shared in order to make better decisions regarding lighting and design.

Topics covered will include:
• A brief history of Still Life imagery and inspiration.
• Composition For Impact
• Shooting with Intent
• Lighting
• Light Options: Speedlight, window light and constant light
• Creating a Hierarchy of Interest
• Working Through a Shot
• Creating a Series/ Finding Inspiration
Still life as Metaphor and Symbol


1.5 - 2 hr.

through zoom