Rethink Black and White

Rethink Black and White
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Over the years I have developed a unique method of processing black and white images in Lightroom. I will show how you can create images with stunning tonality by using un-traditional tools and techniques. I will also demonstrate how burning and dodging is your ultimate creative tool and can transform your photos to be something truly unique to you.


90 minutes plus questions


My schedule varies a lot, please contact me with potential dates. Currently only available for Zoom, but can do in-person post-pandemic.


David is a Colorado native and a professional nature photographer who travels full-time with his partner Jennifer Renwick and their two cats in an RV. David believes images should be created with emotion and in turn, leave an impact on the viewer. He loves to share his knowledge with others through workshops and instructional videos. He also revived and runs the Nature Photographers Network because he believes a strong community within the nature photography community is important.

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