Psychology of Photography

Psychology of Photography
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Join professional landscape photographer Nic Stover for this session to talk about an area of photography seldom explored, The Psychology of Photography.

The psychology of photography goes beyond making pretty pictures and starts to examine the deeper questions beyond the creation of our images.

  1. How are we drawn to patterns, shapes, lines, and what do they mean to our subconscious?
  2. What is the relationship of these elements to our emotional response to scenes in the field?
  3. What are the different schools of psychology and how the brain forms thoughts and how you can work with that.
  4. What models of creativity can we look to follow and understand where we are in the creative process?
  5. How does our formation of limited beliefs and our belief system dictate who we are as photographers?
  6. Are there definable stages of our growth that we experience as photographers?
  7. What are the types of biases and how do they influence our artistic and creative journey?

The last portion of this presentation includes a participant submitted CONSTRUCTIVE and positive image critique / image review with feedback from me and hands on demonstrations on how to make changes to your images for greater impact. This will be mainly conducted in Lightroom with some minor modifications / highlighting of the times you might want to use Photoshop.

Nic gave this unique and inspiring presentation to our Camera Club last week. Such a unique way to look at what inspires you to lift your camera for a certain image. He illustrated each concept/idea with his own beautiful images and the “psychology” behind it. At the end he did a member photo critique that was excellent. Again, showing how each image had a concept illustrated and then he used different tools in Lightroom to enhance or emphasize the work. The members loved it! Nic is very polished and prepared for this online platform and answered all questions fully. We will have him again for another of his many workshops!