Preparing your images for print!

Preparing your images for print!
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Preparing your images for print! This has been one of my most popular webinars. The art of printing can be an overwhelming tasks. Between calibration, finish selection, sharpening, selecting a print lab, figuring out cropping, and ordering it can be too easy to go with what you have done before and not try anything new. This presentation goes through different presentation mediums, talks about best practices for screen calibration, review color space, talk about how to determine print sizes, and what print companies are worth trying and what to avoid. But that is only ½ of it. The real value comes from talking about how to sharpen, resize, and brighten your images so what is on your screen looks like what you receive in the mail. We will prepare in this session prepare a 16x20 metal print from Camera Club participant submitted images. Yes, one of your participants will get a free 16x20 metal print of their work.


90 minutes


This one is best done over a webinar vs in person.