Photographing Indigenous Tribes

Photographing Indigenous Tribes
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This presentation describes the NGO documentation of the Hadzabe tribe, the last hunter gatherers in Tanzania, an initiation into the spirit house in Yamok village, Papua New Guinea, and the welcoming dance of the Maasai in Kenya in both stills and video. Immerse yourself in cultures which have remained unchanged for centuries, and observe how outsiders with cameras were received. Some nudity and ritual scarification is shown.

Duration is an hour, but can be shortened by eliminating one or even two of the tribal accounts. Or it can be presented in two or three episodes.

Available via Zoom from Washington State

This is an INCREDIBLE presentation! Words that describe it are: “breathe taking, engaging, fast moving and photographically astounding”. The ingenious tribal images combined with Mike’s clear commentary were amazing. I felt I was “inside” a National Geographic magazine “experiencing” tribal customs with images that told stories and captured unique customs! This is a program that I’ve thought about long after it was presented. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this presentation to all clubs. You will be delighted and amazed.