Leave Starry Eyed - Introduction to Astro-Landscape Photography


This is an instructional introduction to astro-landscape photography by New England-based fine art photographer Jürgen Lobert.

Astro-landscapes capture the night sky with an Earth-bound foreground to anchor the view. There are many amazing celestial views that are often impossible to see in urban and suburban environments but modern digital camera technology enables us to capture unique and inspiring images in very dark places.

The following topics are covered:

  • What is astro-landscape photography and where do the stars come from?
  • Technical aspects
    • Required equipment, some differences in camera brands that are important
    • Camera settings & exposure, white balance
    • Focusing in complete darkness
  • Types of astro-landscape photography
    • Star trails
    • Star points & Milky Way
    • Clouds
    • Moon
    • Meteors
    • Zodiacal Light
    • Airglow
    • Infralucent Clouds
    • Aurora
  • Image Processing
    • Star trails: stacking photos
    • Milky Way, Aurora and star points
  • Resources


If unspecified: about 90 minutes, but the program can be tailored to 60-120 minutes. It can also be followed by an in-person photo shoot as well as an online photo critique and editing workshop


Anytime online or in person within about 50 miles of Boston, MA, USA, or with travel reimbursement.