Learning to See: An Introduction to Contemplative Photography

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If you’re struggling to find your ‘style’ or ‘vision’ it may be time to look inward. David will show you techniques to stop looking for photographs, and to instead start seeing photographs. We’re all creative inside, but some of us have filters to block up our creativity. With some simple methods and exercises, you too can start seeing in a different way.


David is a Colorado native and a professional nature photographer who travels full-time with his partner Jennifer Renwick and their two cats in an RV. David believes images should be created with emotion and in turn, leave an impact on the viewer. He loves to share his knowledge with others through workshops and instructional videos. He also revived and runs the Nature Photographers Network because he believes a strong community within the nature photography community is important.

Website - www.davidkingham.com


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Our camera club really enjoyed David’s presentation. The images he shares go perfectly with the points he is making. He kept us on the edge of our virtual seats! We experienced better than expected audience participation when question and answer time came up. In this new era of Zoom meetings, I really appreciate the ability to listen to people that we most likely would not get the opportunity to hear in person. Nice work David, thanks again!


Like other clubs have said, David’s presentation on “Contemplative Photography” was absolutely amazing, drawing a larger than normal audience and generating an interesting Q&A after the presentation. The chat room revealed appreciation for an interesting and inspirational presentation about how to “see” rather than just “look” when out in the field capturing scenes of nature. Also, David’s slide presentation is chock full of his images that illustrate so well the ideas he presents. It’s a presentation that not only stimulates us to think deeply about our own photography, but it also is just visually fun to watch. So, here’s to you, David, for an awesome evening! A big “thanks” from the Baltimore Camera Club :smile:

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