Intentional Photography -- Creating More Memorable and Interesting Photographs

Intentional Photography -- Creating More Memorable and Interesting Photographs
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Descripton: Photographers and painters alike know that creating more interesting pictures requires perceiving your subject more deeply, intentionally capturing its essence, being attentive to what makes it unique. And if your connection to the scene is heartfelt, even better, because creating great pictures is more than a technical pursuit. Then there is the viewer. How does the viewer perceive the image? Why? How can you affect their perception? So many books are filled with rules, techniques, dos, and don’ts, but how to make sense of it all? During this presentation Ray will help you put it all together. He will explain the difference between seeing and perceiving, and share ideas he has come to depend on, many of which come from the world of art, Gestalt, evolutionary, and photographic psychology, for creating more interesting and memorable images.

This workshop is a bit longer than most club presentations because it is comprehensive and actionable, and the ideas presented are illustrated with a rich array of examples from many different photographic genres. Clubs might consider running this workshop as a special event.

"Recently took Ray Schneider’s photography workshop. I’m a mixed media collage artist with a photo-taking hobby and wanted to learn how to make my pictures better. To my utter delight, I was transfixed and hung on every word that came out of Ray’s mind and tongue because he’s so damn delightfully interesting. And I learned a lot. Most interesting is that many of the tried and true rules in photography mirror those in art making, I would recommend to peeps interested in photography (amateur or pro) to take any workshop that Ray offers. L. Greenberg

“Ray Schneider’s workshop illustrates how key ideas from the psychology of perception and image cognition can help photographers strategize how to approach their compositional choices. The presentation is communicated in a non-technical manner and every photographer, regardless of his/her/their preferred photographic genre will find it informative and helpful.”
R. Taylor – Professor Emeritus Temple University

“An amazing collection of images showing Ray’s talent for seeing the unusual in very common, everyday scenes. A study of the photographer’s intent to embrace the beauty of simplicity.” VA from PA

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Length: 75 min

Availability In-person in the Philadelphia area or on Zoom anywhere (time change permitting) $175