Hello Darkness! - Capturing Lunar and Solar Eclipses

Hello Darkness! - Capturing Lunar and Solar Eclipses https://photos.cameraclubhub.com/optimized/1X/454356ad731e3e04ba275be0993b79b425935be6_2_1024x576.jpeg
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Learn how to photograph lunar eclipses at night and solar eclipses during the day using cameras and tele photo lenses with this inspiring presentation. New England-based fine art photographer Jürgen Lobert covers planning, locations, timing, equipment, camera settings and how to enjoy the event while shooting it. Post processing is briefly covered for both. The program goes into the details on how to get the best results, while showing many examples of the different stages of eclipses.

The talk is also available for each topic: lunar eclipses only or solar eclipses only.


60-90 minutes (or 45-60min for each portion)


Online or in person in the Greater Boston, MA area.