Everything you want to know about Event Photography (Seriously, everything!)

Everything you want to know about Event Photography (Seriously, everything!) https://assets.cameraclubhub.com/uploads/default/optimized/1X/b3cd7d471d32a6c38a3a464083d7545e470117fc_2_1024x682.jpeg
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This is one of my favorite topics and one which I have been presenting to photography clubs all over California. We are all event photographers. Whether we are formally photographing festivals, parades, weddings or sporting events - or just photographing a backyard family BBQ - there is a commonality of technique that leads to good images. And in fact, techniques and tips central to “event photography” are germane to the best practices of almost any photographic genre. Preparation, choice of lenses, composition, camera settings, lighting, color and emotion all contribute to capturing great images. Based on my two decades of photographing events, this presentation is heavy on the tips and techniques used in covering a wide variety of occasions, from the informal to the formal. I’ll talk about preparation and planning, the hard and soft technical skills of photographing the event, choosing images to tell the story, and my workflow for post-processing large numbers of images. There’s a lot packed into this 90 minutes!


90 Minutes


I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a camera in my hand. However, it’s only in the last 20 years that I’ve focused on photography as both a tool and an art. My photography includes a wide range of subjects and genres, including sports, dance, politics, landscape and nature. As a photojournalist for U.S. Press Agency and a founding member of Probonophoto.org, I’ve covered scores of local events over the years, especially in the areas of social justice and the environment. I am the past President of the Marin Photography Club, long-time member and former chair of its Education Committee, serve as a competition judge and lead both a Street Photography special interest group and monthly Salon. And for the past twelve years, I’ve worked here and in Kenya for Daraja-Academy.org, a boarding high school for young women who are financially challenged, but motivated academically. My last project there was a month-long documentary photography project in 2019.


Wide availability via Zoom. Pacific Time Zone. Very versed in using Zoom.

The Redlands Camera Club had Steven Disenhof give his Event Photography Tips recently, on May 17, 2021. Steve is experienced in photographing events in the Bay Area of California, and a very good presenter.

I wish I had seen his presentation twenty years ago, as his presentation covered everything about shooting events, A to Z, all there. It covered equipment he recommends, the attitude of the event photographer, the words to use in being assertive in lining up groups. He spoke of how to configure both small groups and large groups (the V vs. the M and W formations). I could have used this information long ago!

Steve recommended post-processing as soon as possible after the event, before we forget what the best shots were. He recommends using a little known German software app for putting borders on photos, storyboarding, etc. A great lead! He explained how to use stars in Lightroom for increased speed in culling.

The notes he provided afterwards were thorough. And his PowerPoint program he used during the presentation was very professional and effective, with illustrations that made his points clear.

I highly recommend his presentation for its effectiveness, practicality, professionalism, and inspiration. You will not be disappointed if you bring it to your club.

Wayne Purcell
Redlands Camera Club