Developing Portfolio Themes

Developing Portfolio Themes /uploads/default/optimized/1X/8c1cb845947777c0a67b19cef86b1c37314c27de_2_1024x682.jpeg
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I cover four distinct portfolios of photography in this lecture and the creative processes that led me to develop this body of work. Within this presentation I use my own work as an example for how to develop your own portfolio themes. This is a popular lecture that I’ve given to the Contra Costa Camera Club in the San Francisco East Bay and the Peninsula Camera Club in Silicon Valley. Syllabus: Personal Philosophy Inspiration What’s In My Gear Bag? Ephemeral Light Nature’s Design Melancholy Landscapes Iconic Landscapes


1.5 to 2 hours


Zoom throughout 2020. Available for in-person within the San Francisco Bay Area & beyond once it’s safe to have indoor events.