Developing Creativity and Exploring Gesture and Motion

Description Join Mark Battista, Painter and Fine Art Photographer, in this two part presentation which explores ways to create concepts and images that stretch the imagination. Learn ways to think and shoot “outside the box”. The first part of this presentation will focus on the topic of creativity.

Topics addressed will include”
• Develop strategies for thinking creatively
• Ways to generate unique ideas
• Discover sources of inspiration
• Explore approaches to visual problem solving
The second part of the presentation will feature, “Exploring Motion and Gesture in Photography”. We will look at ways to capture and express the element of motion in our imagery. Typically, photographers use the camera to freeze a specific moment in time. Discover ways of manipulating the settings in your camera to create impressionistic images that convey energy and a sense of motion.
Topics covered will include:
● To explore movement and gesture as a subject in photography.
● Discuss various approaches for creating a sense of movement.
● Suggested camera settings.
● Embracing the element of chance / setting up for success.
● Conceptualizing creating the shots as problem solving.

Length 1.5- 2 hr.

Availability Though the camera club’s Zoom meeting