Capturing Timeless Beauty: Learning From The Old Masters

Description Some photographers are said to have an “eye” for creating their images. Is it something that you are born with, or can that skill be developed? I truly believe it is a skill and mindset that can be developed to unleash a world of creativity. I would like to inspire you to create personal images that are expressive, impactful and meaningful.

Capturing Timeless Beauty: Learning from the Old Masters is a presentation that explores composition, lighting and conceptual approaches of the Old Master Painters and Master Photographers.
We will break down famous paintings, art styles and iconic photographic masterpieces and explore ways to take some of their concepts and make them our own.
Join us for an opportunity to learn how to apply some of these approaches into our own work in order to create images of timeless beauty. Fee $150- $200.

Length 2 hrs.

Availability Though the Camera Club’s Zoom Event