Capturing Time - Daytime Long Exposure Photography


Daytime Long Exposure Photography – Capture Time
This is an instructional introduction to daytime long exposure (DLE) photography by New England-based fine art photographer Jürgen Lobert.
DLE photography records 1-15 minutes of time in a 2-dimensional photograph by using neutral density filters. This creates unique and intriguing images of the world that we usually freeze in momentary exposures.
Letting time pass during exposure converts clouds into bands across the sky, smooths waters to a mirror finish and can make people and moving objects disappear. The technique is an excellent addition to any landscape photographer’s tool box. The resulting imagery is otherworldly and strangely beautiful.
The following topics are covered:

  • Why, where and when to do DLE
  • Equipment
    • Cameras, accessories
    • ND filters and holders
  • Exposing for DLE, expose to the right, RGB histogram
  • Tips & Tricks
    ** Composing and focusing
    ** High ISO preview
    ** Avoiding light leaks
  • Types of DLE
    ** Single exposures
    ** Stacking exposures
    ** Creating ghosts
    ** Trichroic Conversions
    ** Intentional Camera motion (ICM)
  • Post-processing considerations
  • Resources


If unspecified, about 90 minutes, but the program can be tailored to 60-120 minutes. The presentation can also be followed by an in person photo shoot and/or an online photo critique and editing workshop.


Anytime online or in person within about 50 miles of Boston, MA, USA, or with travel reimbursement.