Assateague National Seashore & Chincoteague NWF - Wildlife

Description: zoom program

Assateague Island National Seashore is a 37-mile-long narrow barrier island lying off the coast of Maryland and Virginia. It is one in a chain of barrier islands stretching from Maine to Texas. Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) occupies the Virginia end of the island and like other wildlife refuges is focused on managing critical habitats for the benefit of wildlife. Situated on the Atlantic Flyway, Chincoteague NWR is a major resting and refueling spot for thousands of migrating birds. It is an important link in the chain of coastal refuges helping to preserve disappearing coastal wetlands. The seashore’s sand beaches and over-wash areas are critical habitat for nesting birds including Piping Plovers and Least Terns. Besides the beach, the Chincoteague ponies and wild horses of Assateague are a favorite attraction for visitors. This presentation explores the island’s diverse habitats and associated wildlife while providing a basic understanding of barrier island dynamics.

Length 2.5 Days

Availability 2025