Architectural photography inside and out

Architectural photography inside and out /uploads/default/optimized/1X/3d20f06968bc4715ce4475d7662eb267d06fc94c_2_1024x640.jpeg
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Rick’s past experience as an Architect and Urban Designer informs his approach to teaching Architectural Photography. His visual presentation will introduce you to the art and science of composition based on an understanding of the science of human vision. Learn the importance of photographing volumetric spaces for people and their activities. As an internationally recognized award winning and published Architect, Urban Designer, and Teacher of Photography, Rick will be providing an informative visual presentation that is designed to appeal to all photographers, regardless of their level of experience and expertise. Categories include Architecture, Composition, Cityscape


90 minute presentation, give or take, depending upon your club desires


I am available most days, especially with reasonable notice.
I am currently presenting via Zoom, but when Pandemic restrictions are lifted, in person presentations will be possible.